Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Amazing Reading App!: Rhyme to Read

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today! I have something pretty amazing to share with you...

I was contacted a few weeks ago about testing out a reading app for beginning readers and then writing a review about what I thought.

~So these are my honest opinions and I have not been compensated for expressing my views about Rhyme to Read.~

Well....of course my teaching ears perked up and I had to find out more!!

When it comes to anything "reading" related, I am all for it and since I have 2 little kids at home, I always love to see new reading resources, especially when there is technology involved. What's even more special about this app is that it was created my TEACHERS!!! YES!!!

It's called Rhyme to Read and it's an awesome app that teaches your early reader how to read by using word families. Let's dig a little deeper shall we.....

Let's talk about the creators of this app! Did I mention they are TEACHERS!!?? 

Lynn Klaiman and Sara Hines are 2 experienced teachers that created this app to help beginning readers as well as struggling readers. Their knowledge and expertise has made them very successful in and out of the classroom...... and this app is no exception.

When you purchase this app for $9.99 you will receive 20 stories that use word families to guide reading.

Word Families used:
at, an, ad, am, en, et, ed, ell, it, ig, id, ip, ot, og, ock, op, un, ub, uck, ug

Starting with Book #1 "Pat", your child will be introduced to simple reading with sight words and the word family "at". As your child progresses from one book to another, the reading becomes more challenging, which is great for showing mastery.

What's also awesome about this app is each word family is color coded so your child can also see the word family as he/she is reading. 

There is also a list of the word family words in the beginning of the story and at the end so you can easily do a "review check" and test to see if your child can read all of the words. 

My 3 1/2 year old can easily use this app by herself. She flips through the pages easily and it's great that when she touches the words, the words are read aloud for her. I love this feature because it really helps with one-to-one correspondence along with hearing the words if she doesn't know them....and since she's at the very early stages of reading, I appreciate this. 

This is a great app to use along with other phonetic readers, especially when you're on the go and you want your child to do a little reading. I highly recommend this app not only because I feel it as been created in a thoughtful way with the children in mind, but because my daughter absolutely LOVES it! She loves the illustrations and how simple it is to use. 

So here is what you can do! You can take my word for it and download the entire app for $9.99 or try out a free book first and see if you like it....and I can say without a doubt...I KNOW YOU WILL!!!! 

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