Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Toddler Activity: Learning Colors in Their Environment

I wanted to share this quick and easy activity that you can do at home with your toddler. You don't need much...just a piece of paper, a magazine, scissors, and glue. Simple enough right?

Colors are everywhere so it's one of the first things your toddler will learn. I'm always asking my daughter about colors.....

 "What color is your shirt today?" 

"What color was that car?"

What color is your banana?"

Simple questions that you can ask at anytime to get your toddler to observe their surroundings.

So I thought of this quick activity where my gal could create a little collage of environmental objects and also record their colors.

Just start with a regular sized piece of paper...I used computer paper and folded it "hot-dog" style...long way :)

Then cut only the top half of the paper to divide it into 3 sections.

Then label the top with the colors you want to focus on.

Start searching in your magazine for objects that have that color. Cut them out and glue them underneath that color so it creates a little collage.

I added some color to the headings but you can decorate anyway you want. 

Simple, quick, and fun!!! Three MUST HAVES when you're doing activities with a toddler :)

You'll be surprised at how much your toddler knows:) It's a great vocabulary builder too as you'll find yourself talking about new words as they observe new things!

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  1. I love teaching my toddler colors! He likes to make connections with things he already knows (daddy's blue truck, yellow 'nana, etc) This would be a great way to add environmental print in connection with those developing skills!

  2. Yes, Kids like Colors and enjoy writing with different colors to make different styles and some other things which they want. I think teaching with different combination of colors are really good and awesome idea. I really appreciated your idea.
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  3. Love This! i'm going to try this with the children in my class!


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