Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Long and Short E Vowel Sound and Some Exciting News!!

If you read my post on Long and Short a vowel sounds, you'll remember I talked about a binder I used to keep all of my vocabulary and phonic rules in. Well here is an example of how you can keep or create your own.

Get a 3-ring binder. The size of the binder will just depend on how many words you have on your lists. Get some filing tabs and on each tab, write down what's in your folder for better organizing. Easy enough right?

Here are some more words to add to your lists for short and long e.

Short e: 
bed, led, fed, red, Ned, Ted, wed, pet, set, bet, met, jet, let, vet, yet, pen, men, ten, den, beg, leg, gem, pep

More: nest, vest, rest, help, tent, sent, dent, fell, tell, bell, well,  mess, yell, neck, deck, end, egg, elf, self, kept, belt, knelt, shed, fled,

-ea Words: bread, spread, dread, dead, breath, deaf, instead, head, sweat, wealth, threat, health, sweater, lead, deaf

Long e: 
final -y: happy, sappy, silly, really, bunny, funny, army, family, busy, fuzzy, city, country, easy, factory, heavy, baby, fairy, very, hurry, twenty, plenty, jolly, penny, money, lucky, memory, hairy, scary, lady, lazy, party, cloudy, honey, hungry, pony, puppy,candy, sandy, sleepy, kitty, many, handy, 

-ee: bee, tree, see, free, glee, deed, weed, kneel, sleep, green, 

-ea: real, deal, seal, heal, meal, wreath, underneath, plea, 

I will always continue to come back and add more to my lists!!!  

Some exciting news... I have just hit 700 likes over at my Facebook Fan page and I've reached 500 Followers over at my TpT store!! YIPEE!!! Thanks everyone!!! 


  1. OMG life saver thanks

  2. Thank you!! I'm 33 & my son is 5..so I've had a bit of an memory loss..Lol..but having him helps me as well...


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