Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2nd Grade Common Core Assessment: First Quarter Benchmark

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Now on to testing.....argh...!!

Well, it's that time again! If you're on the same schedule as my district, you've already given out progress reports and now you're heading into the end of the 1st quarter...hard to believe!! So close to getting those 1st report cards ready. 

I was asked by a teacher friend of mine to create a 2nd grade math assessment for her 2nd grade team at her school! Of course, I said YES!! Would LOVE to help:) This is the first year my district has started using common core, so implementing the standards along with creating assessments is a bit tricky....I was ready for the challenge!

So here it is! By the way, my friend was over the moon about it! Click on the picture to take you to my store.

To start creating this assessment, I looked at all of the topics this second grade team was covering this quarter. I have listed those on this page along with suggestions for administering the test.

The idea about Common Core, is to make your students learning a progression. Build knowledge and critical thinking skills on top of previous learned skills to reach your final goal! 

This assessment doesn't take the standards word for word but rather incorporates where students are at the beginning of the year. For example; this test does not test students on 100 place value because students need to MASTER 10s and 1s first. Remember, this is the 1st assessment for 2nd grade so you will see where the progression will go.
Here are pictures of the actual assessment.

Next, I made a grading rubric, or check sheet  for them to use. I thought grouping by Domains would be the best way and easiest way to communicate your students' grades to parents at conferences. There are also boxes where you can write comments, observations made during the test, and strategies you plan to use for remediation to ensure your students will master these standards. Every child is different, therefore, having documentation and records of different strategies being used for each student, is a much better way to ensure success in your classroom. When one strategy doesn't work, you can refer back to when you started it and think about where you need to go from there.

There is a spot where you can check if students Passed, Needs Improvement, or Failed. Also, the answers to the assessment are included in the rubric for faster checking. No more flipping back through other papers and having your desk full of clutter during testing time. Just have your student's test and this rubric! That's it!

If you want to create your own assessment for your class, here are a few important questions to ask yourself:

What should my students know by now?

What standards am I testing?

How long does it need to be to show students understand?

Am I creating a test that will show a student's true knowledge of the subject?
Are they creating to show they learned the skill? 
Are they writing explanations to show understanding?
(stay away from multiple choice, true or false...most likely, they will guess)

How am I going to record/grade the test?

Will this test be easy to communicate and share with parents?

Think about those verbs in common core when you think about creating a test. Remember..

You can find this over at my store here! I hope you'll stop by and check it out!


  1. Hey Tammy! This looks very well organized!! I am curious what math curriculum your school uses?

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. Hi Tammy! I am just loving your blog and the cute new buttons that you made! The assessment pack looks perfect for our team!I am going to show it to them ASAP!Right now we are thinking about developing our own, but you have done all of the work already! Thanks!

    I'm glad that you stopped by my blog for the giveaway! I am your newest follower! I am going to publish this comment and keep reading more from your filing cabinet!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

    1. Thanks SO much Jeannine!! I have also posted at my store a mid-way 1st quarter assessment for 2nd grade that goes along with this assessment...just haven't made a post about it yet....here is the link to that...http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/2nd-Grade-Math-Assessment-Mid-Way-1st-Quarter

  3. Great job! Come join my first linky party: http://who-is-on-first.blogspot.com/2012/10/my-first-linky-party.html

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